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Warranty Period ARTIZ

1. The warranty period for the accessories included in the set of doors or delivered together with them is - 1 year, for the premium segment of the accessories the warranty period is - 5 years (Securemme, Kale, Mottura).

2. The warranty conditions do not apply to locks equipped with a cylinder of another manufacturer, and if there are signs of self-replacement of parts, including self-disassembly of locking devices.

3. Warranty period for metal construction 1 year from the date of acceptance of works.

4. Warranty service of the front door lasts 1 year. Subject to full compliance with the rules of operation, warranty service applies to all mechanical door parts, including the locking mechanism, replaceable cylinder, decorative panel, door cover.

5. In the event that the customer carries out the installation during the warranty period, claims will be accepted only for components that may have hidden factory defects.

Metal doors of our production are made of qualitative materials and according to requirements of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015, IDT) «Quality management systems. Requirements ", confirmed by the Quality Certificate № GS.QMS.24.001-20. At each stage of production they pass quality control and meet fire safety requirements (Certificate of compliance with fire safety requirements for fire resistance class EI30 №UA.GS.1.013-20, Certificate of compliance with fire safety requirements for fire resistance class EI60 №UA.GS.1.054-20) .